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Stock Market Beginners’ brief biography and blog description of Stock Market Beginners: Stock Market Investing tips, tools & tutorials, as well as, general information related to: investing, trading, market movements, updates and disclosure.


Hi, I’m Florden, thank you very much for visiting my blog.

I’m married, a father of two lovely kids, and working full-time as EHS Coordinator in a manufacturing company. I am passionate in investing in the Philippine stock market and I enjoy answering questions on how to invest in the stock market.

In 2011, I started to invest in the Philippine stock market through Citisec Online (COL Financial) with a starting capital of PHP 5,000.00. Prior to start investing in the stock market I already have self acquired 3 years of knowledge on how it works by reading e-books, stock updates thru newspapers and private blogs. Since then I have become an experienced stock market investor and trader.

With my personal experience in investing in the stock market my ultimate goal is to provide information to both stock market beginners and to those who wish to improve their investing and trading skills.

In this blog I would like to promote knowledge investing in the stock market since at present time only 1 percent of the whole Filipino population are investing in the stock market. For many years I have inform my family, relatives, friends, workmates and every people I’ve meet how the stock market works. Then finally I decided to make this blog to reach out more people through the power of internet.


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Email address:  florden82@gmail.com or nedrolf2000@yahoo.com


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