How to earn from the stock market even during the bear market?

With the stock market in “red” territory nowadays, I would like to bring you back 8 years ago to a company that mostly love by Filipinos around the world. In this article I will show you how would your money grow if you started investing in the stock market by regularly investing even 5,000 pesos in a yearly basis with a single company.

As you have learn, there are two ways how you can earn from the stock market. You can earn through price appreciation and through dividends may it be in the form of cash or stocks. In this illustration I will show you what would be your money’s worth if you started investing 8 years ago, and the company that you are supposed to be investing was your favorite JFC or Jollibee Foods Corporation. Of course you know about this giant company listed in the Philippine stock market.

Below is a simple illustration.

JFC Gains

Regularly Investing

The data above shows an investor is investing a minimum Php 5,000.00 in a “yearly” basis from 2008 to 2015. With the investment the investor start to buy shares of JFC at first the number of shares bought are many and gradually decreases as the stock price increases (from 130 shares to just 20 shares). The investor will start to buy shares every January of each year. The total invested amount is Php 37,607.20.

Dividend Payments

Jollibee Foods Corporation gives a regular dividends to its share holders and the investor has benefited from it since 2008. It has given dividends 19 times in a 8 year span ranging from Php 0 .25 to Php 2.00 when totaled its value is Php 13.01. The total earned dividends received by the investor less than its commission of 10% is Php 4,451.85.

Commission Payments

In every transaction that you make in the stock market through a broker you will be charged with a commission may it be buying or selling stocks. With this I am using the computation of COL Financial for the commissions for every transactions it appeared in the above table in red fonts. Buying commission amount is Php 110.94 and Dividend commission amount is Php 494.65 total commission fee is Php 605.59.

Value Computations

By regularly investing Php 5,000.00 in JFC the moneys’ worth today is already Php 97,290.91 from a total of Investment cost of Php 37,607.20 only it has 206% growth rate. See computations below.

JFC Gains1

Price Appreciation

JFC price action

One way to earn in the stock market is the price appreciation of your favorite stocks. With the price action of JFC from 2008 to present it is not necessary to push the panic button to exit because in the long run the gains will still be accumulated base on its 8 year performance.

Happy Investing everyone.

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