Extra pocket money for Halloween

For the past months the stock market have been so bloody, many (if not all) of our favorite stocks have fallen down.

Some of us investors or traders may feel so very fearful and get depressed due to the heavy losses they were experiencing.

But for those who are for the long term (like me), we are very happy because of the turn of events.

This is the time when we love to buy additional shares from our favorite companies.

But do you know that “part time trading” can make a profit instantly?

The answer will is definitely a Yes!, you can make a profit within the day or within a week from pat time trading, and this is how I did to earn an extra pocket money for the Halloween.

Below are my stocks picks that that I traded that gave me additional pocket money for the Halloween:


Stock Code: PCOR (Petron Corporation)

Buy Price: Php 7.37

Interest generated in 3 days: 9%-12%

halow 1

Stock Code: MEG (Megaworld)

Buy Price: Php 4.41

Interest generated in 4 days: 9%-11%

halow 2

How to pick stocks and gain extra pocket within a week?

  1. Proper trading plan
  2. Study chart patterns
  3. Look for entry area or buy area
  4. Have a target exit area or sell area
  5. Stick with your plan and be contented with your earnings

P.S. Can you relate to my trading strategies? I would appreciate if you will have your comments on this article.


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