The Philippine Stock Market since the day I am aware of it

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It was 6 years ago that  I began to investing in the Philippine Stock Market. As far as I can remember the PSE index was around 3,700 way back in February 2011 and eventually went to as high at 4,500 on August 2011. It was the time that the Philippine economy was one of the best performer in the world in which continued until today at an average 7% growth rate.

The Philippines maybe troublesome for the last 6 years due to some conflicts in Mindanao, the West Philippine Sea, foreign relations especially with the USA and some internal conflicts in the government. But despite all of that, the Philippine economy was doing great and I can attest to that since I myself have experience a 120% interest gain on my stock market investments for the last 6 years.

I am one of the grateful investors in the Philippine stock market until today in which the index is already almost 8,000 even with the on-going conflict in Marawi City in which a Martial Law was implemented by the President. Indeed the economy today compared to six years ago is doing great as World Bank itself consider the Philippines as one of the fast growing economy in the world. Although in 2015 the stock market has mellowed down because of the upcoming election period. the stock market hits its lowest from 8,500 to as low as 6,000 from 2015 to 2016. Basically the stock market is controlled by emotions and I have already experienced that since the day I am aware and started investing on it.

So for those who are new to this type of investment just be consistent and keep investing even though the rewards will take you more years to be harvested. Consider it a marathon and not a sprint.



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